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Implementing innovation* sustainably in the school can be an enormous challenge. This tool is aimed at supporting this process.

Leadership plays a crucial role in transforming innovation in your school into an organizational routine. This tool helps reflection in your team to analyze leadership necessary for sustainable implementation of innovation. Together, you will discuss what is going well and what is further needed to implement the innovation*.

This tool is based on our research into the role of school leadership in schools working sustainably with interventions for educational improvement. This research showed how different aspects of ‘Organizing and (re-)designing the organization’; ‘Managing the teaching and learning program’; ‘Understanding and developing people’; and ‘Organizational structures and social-cultural interactions’ are important in making innovation sustainable both in schools’ policy and practice. These different aspects are addressed in this tool.

*educational development, intervention, change

Research carried out by Elske van den Boom-Muilenburg (2021)**, in a collaboration between ELAN dept. of Teacher Development, University of Twente, and the University of Groningen. This study was made possible by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research NRO (projectnumber 405-17-811).

** The role of school leadership in schools that sustainably work on school improvement with professional learning communities. Supervisors: Prof. Kim Schildkamp (UT) and Prof. Klaas van Veen (RUG); co-supervisors Dr. Cindy Poortman (UT) and Dr. Siebrich de Vries (UoG)


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